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Machining Services

When it comes to machining services, there's only one name you need to remember: Diversified Machining, Inc. We've developed a reputation throughout the industry for delivering quality parts each and every time.


Milling starts with a piece of raw material that is then shaped into a specific part. We can turn raw material into any shape or part that our customers require. Milling is used for squaring material. We can even create specific parts depending on what the customer is asking for and much more. It's an uncommon skill and an important part of the work that we do.


Welding plays an integral part in building products and joining parts together. It is especially useful for creating the larger parts needed by governments, as machines can't create parts that are overly large.

Quality Control

The overall objective of the quality system is to fully understand all the requirements of our customers, and to consistently meet or exceed the customers requirements. DMI is commited to full compliance to all requirements of the AS 9003 standard.

Precision Machining

Our experts excel at taking a stock piece of material and turning it into a specialized part. Governments choose us for precision machining as we always deliver quality parts to meet their strict standards.


Depend on our certified painters to expertly paint your parts in our on-site paint room. Many governments have very detailed specifications when it comes to the painting of their parts, and we are more than able to deliver the required results.